Addiction Treatment


I doubt that anyone expects or intends to become addicted and create major problems in their lives and their health.
I’ve never yet met anyone who was not medicating a deeper problem with substances – and, of course, that did not heal, eliminate the original problem or even help you stay “medicated” long enough because with addiction you need more and more and more to create the original hoped for effect.
The first, critical step to regain your life, happiness and self-esteem is to look at yourself. Assess yourself, what you are doing and what your addiction is doing to you, your family and, likely, your employment. No one can effectively help you with a problem if you can’t admit it exists and is serious. 
Help is available. I’ve worked with persons suffering from substance problems during the entire course of my clinical work and have used a number of therapeutic interventions and treatments to effect sober change. The addiction can absolutely get out of your life. You can get a life. You can get your life back.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, which my psychotherapy office serves, there are a number of inpatient and outpatient services which I can help you to decide about. Many can be of great benefit for those suffering and be a partner of your individual therapy. There also many support groups for education, help, a new set of sober friends and for inspiration, some of which are free. Peer pressure can be an enormous help in your recovery. Spirituality is critical to some and gives those persons strength.
The bottom line is that addiction is not easy to beat. It is rarely overcome overnight. Full sobriety treatment takes time to be safe and effective but does not need to be interminable.
Also, here’s something that few will tell you: Regrettably, relapse is often part of recovery. Without experienced, committed clinical support relapse too often becomes failure because people give up.
I need to emphasize that some substances are dangerous to withdraw quickly or on your own and should be done with careful medical supervision. There are private luxury, also very low cost, or free facilities to help you.
Don’t go it alone. Help is available.