Depression Therapy

Many people have come face to face with depression at some point in their lives: feelings of sadness, unhappiness, loss and frustration. It is when these symptoms persist for longer than a couple of weeks and interfere with your quality of life that normal depression becomes clinical depression.

Depression can manifest itself in countless ways. Some of them are:
• Feelings of being “less than” and intense insecurity
• Loss of energy
• Sudden onslaughts of anger and anxiety
• Feeling overwhelmed by a relationship, job or life in general
• Not being able to enjoy the things you once did, including companionship, activities, hobbies and sex
• Compulsion and risk taking to block out these negative emotions and to feel something other than numb

These manifestations of depression can represent serious danger if it goes untreated. It is safe to say that most people would rather feel good instead of bad. So when these negative feelings don’t go away on their own people might choose very unhealthy ways to deal with them. Many an addiction (to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, spending, gambling, etc.) can trace their roots to depression. And ultimately most addictions lead to more depression. People whose symptoms of depression stay the same or worsen may begin to lose hope in anything getting better leaving them vulnerable to suicidal thoughts.

Some Causes of Depression:
Depression can attach itself onto its host (you) in a myriad of ways, wreaking havoc and causing chaos in different aspects and stages of life. Depression can sneak up on us because of:
• Biology: Chemical imbalances in the brain and things we choose to put into our bodies.
• Situational circumstances including changes in your life structure.
• Trauma and Grief
• Postpartum
• Seasonal
• Interpersonal relations, including sexuality, divorce and loneliness.
• Health conditions
• Substance abuse

Clinical depression rarely dissipates by itself. Some may have experienced discomfort for so long they mistakenly believe “it’s just who I am.”
What We Can Do About This:
Many times we don’t see what’s right in front of us. By discussing your situation in a safe and non-judgmental environment, we can shine a light on the root cause of your depression. I believe that every person is unique and do not subscribe to a one size fits all approach. During our initial consultation we will work together to find a therapeutic approach and solution that works best for you and makes you the most comfortable.

The therapeutic process can be one of the most life affirming and proactive ways to regain control of your life. By understanding where you’ve been you will be better able to see where you could be going and claim the life you want to have.

Do you feel depressed?
" The Best Way Out is Always Through. "
- Robert Frost

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